It's been a while hasn't it...

I've finally got around to coding this site properly, and now hopefully I'll update it more regularly.


In the next week or so, I’ll be updating the site with quite a few of my old bootlegs. You’ll be able to find them in the Tunes section under ‘DJ DeNeo’. Also watch out for some new DeNeo tracks in the near future.


Second DeNeo track released. A mash-up of Robbie Williams’ Radio and Girls Aloud’s No Good Advice.

Find it in the Tunes section under ‘DeNeo’.


Final reworking of ‘Guess Who’s Back’. This time I’ve cut a minute off to give the track more immediacy.

Find it in the Tunes section under ‘DeNeo’.


Reworked ‘Guess Who’s Back’ so that it now changes the instrumental throughout.

Find it in the Tunes section under ‘DeNeo’.


First bootleg as DeNeo uploaded. Called ‘Guess Who’s Back’, it’s a bit of a strange one! Using 28 different acapellas all cut up into 5 and a half minutes.

Find it in the Tunes section under ‘DeNeo’.


The site has finally been launched!


Thanks to those nice people at Tiscali UK for putting a remix I did for their Italian arm onto their own site.

You can find the remix here.